August, 2008.

Entrance to Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

The floor of the entrance is today close to 15.44 m over the pavement on top of course 16.
The originally entrance was perhaps concieled behind casingblocks on top of the 18th course,
and 16.97 m (668.2") above the pavement and 13.31 m (534.1") south of the pavement (and
inside the Pyramid. The middel of the floor is 7.29 meter (287.0") to the east of the north-
south axis of the Pyramid.

If you intend to make your own drawing of the Pyramid, then the above mentioned figures
make a really good fixpoint.

Entrance to the Pyramid on the northside

Entrance on the northside of a pyramid
is a rule with very few exceptions during
almost 1200 years of pyramid construc-
tion, leaving (36?) royal pyramids. Before
Khufu is no known exception, but the
Bend Pyramid of Sneferu, father of Khufu,
have two entrances, from both north and

When graverubbers discovered the en-
trance to Khufu's Pyramid, is not known.
Perhaps, when Old Kingdom brooke
down about 2140, 400 years after Khufu.

The entrance used today is positioned
below the originally entrance with floor on
top of course 5, about 6.1 m over the pave-
ment. See photo.

It is called Mamun's Entrance, as a colour-
full story speaks about the caliph from
Baghdad, al-Mamun, who about 820 A.D.
brooke into the pyramid in expectation
of adventurous treasures, but found nothing.

From the entrance a very small corridor -
app. 1.2 meter high and 1 meter wide - is
leading further into the interior of the Pyra-

On the photo is seen some of the white casingblocks discovered by Vyse, when sand was removed
down to the pavement in 1837. The full row is about 20 meters long. At the southside is another row,
about 34 meter long. In total only 54.44 meters of the perimeter of the Pyramid is left [Lehner,1997].
All casingblocks?