August, 2008

Contact and Information offer information about Khufu's Pyramid in text, drawings and 3D-animation.
Online from May 2008 and a work in progress. The very hopeful (!) expectation is that
a good part of the website can be finished during 2008. Improvements and extensions
are going on weekly. Three dimensional drawings and animations are extreemely time
consuming, and this kind of illustrations are not expected to contribute in a greater
extend in 2008.

This website try at best to express the mainstream views by egyptologists - based on
written materials and archaeologically excarvations.

The website is a private project without any kind of commercial interests. All can be
used without restrictions.

Animation of drawings, created in Illustrator and Photoshop, is done in After Effects
in 3D-layers. Links to used software for drawing and animation:

You can use many other - and less affordable - alternatives to Illustrator and Photoshop,
but After Effects is probably impossible to substitute with a lesser affordable alternative.

Mails about errors and improvements are welcomed and appreciated. Contact with an
e-mail here.