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King's Chamber in Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

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The cieling consists of 9 granite blocks, formed like beams. Each beam is in average app. 2.1 m
high, 1.4 m wide and 9.1 m in lenght. Volume for each beam is about 26.8 cubic meters and the
weight is 72 tons, when density is 2.7. Some of the beams may weight about 80 tons, and all
beams are elevated 60-70 meters from a boat on the Nile. In total about 650 tons.

Floor put on a course half of the base area?

Did the architects of the Pyramid put the floor on a course half the size of the Pyramid's
base? As illustrated below:

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If this was intented, it should be expected to find the floor close to 42.94 meters above the

The floor is not quite horizontal. It differs from 42.96 to 43.02 m and average is 42.99 m
(1692.55", Petrie). Then, measured height is only 5 cm higher than the calculated height.

It should also be expected that a layer is in level with the floor, and acc. to Petrie, course 50
is closest with 43.12 m or 1697.65" over the pavement. Difference from calculated height
(42.96 m) and course 50 (43.12 m) is increased to 16 cm.