July, 2008.

Subterranean Chamber in Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

Subterranean Chamber eastwall.

The photo is taken in 1906 by the Edgar brothers and gives a good idea about the size
and layout of the Chamber. The "half" person in the middle of the photo seems to be stan-
ding on a latter on top of debris in the mysterious and very deep excavation in the floor.

Subterranean Chamber profile.

It was the Italian Giovanni Battista Caviglia that in 1816 cleared the last 60 meters of the des-
cending corridor and giving acces to the Subterranean Chamber. In addition he discovered that
the socalled Well was a shaft connecting the Gallery and the descending corridor.

The deepest part of the floor is 30,81 meter (1213 inch, Petrie) below the base of the pyramid,
and it's the deepest subterranean chamber found in a pyramid. The burial chamber of Djoser in
the Step Pyramid is 28 meters below the base.

The chamber is certainly left unfinished, especially the floor and the westwall. In completed
condition the floor would have been 116 sq.m., like the cieling, and twice the size of the floor
in the King's Chamber, 54.9 sq.m.

A few steps inside the chamber, and near the somewhat completed eastwall, is an several meter
deep excarvation or pit. Perpose and origin are obscure. Petrie believed the upper part was the
work of the pyramid workers, deepening the floor.

On instructions from Howard Vyse, the pit was deepened further 11,6 meters (38 feet) by Perring
in 1837 and probably in a vandalising quest for the subterranean burial chamber, mentioned by
Egyptians to Herodotus during his visit to the Plateau around 450 B.C. The bottom of the pit could
extend about 45 meters below the base. The base of the Pyramid is 59.396 m above sea (Tabel
3.1 in the Giza Rapport, 2007). The level of the Nile at Giza?

In all six preceding pyramids, the burial chamber is situated below the entrance of a descending
corridor. Then the Subterranean Chamber can be considered as an abondoned burial chamber,
as the wish of Khufu was to put the burial chamber in the superstructure above the base of the
Pyramid. This is seen in (the Bend Pyramid and in?) the Red Pyramid of his father, Sneferu.

Subterranean Chamber plane.

Below, the Subterranean Chamber inside the base lines of the Pyramid.

Subterranean Chamber in base.