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Top of Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

218 completed courses?

How many present courses?

Petrie counted and measured 203 courses in 1882. Today, 201 are present.

How many completed courses?

- C.P. Smyth, 1880, p. 95: "Supposed completed number of courses, including the original
topmost corner-stone = 211.."
- Craig B. Smith, 2006, p. 102: "..hypothetical figure 218 courses."

How many courses did the Pyramid have, when it was completed at the time of Khufu?

First, how much is missing?
Estimated originally height is 146.71 m (Petrie: "5776.0").
201 cources is present with a height of 137.38 m.
Then, the top of the Pyramid is missing about 9.33 m (146.71 m - 137.38 m).

Second, how high is 1 course?
Suppose that the average height of the 10 topmost and remaining courses is the same as for
the missing courses, then we can get a good estimate about the number af missing courses.

Average of top of course 191 in NE- and SW corner is 5191.4" or 131.86 m over the pavement.
Height in total for the 10 topmost and remaining courses is (137.38 m - 131.86 m =) 5.52 m.
Height of 1 average course is 0.552 m.

17 courses missing?
If each missing course had the height 0.552 m, then the pyramid had further 16.9 courses
(9.33 m / 0.552 m per course).

The number of missing courses could be 17, and the completed pyramid had 201 + 17
courses. And the topstone as the 218th course.

Used dimensions, see Petrie The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh and go to Plate 8.

Course 201, top of, in NW-corner 5407.9" or 137.36 m.
Course 201, top of, in SW-corner 5409.2" or 137.39 m.
Course 201, top of, average 5408.55" or 137.38 m over pavement

Course 191, top of, in NE-corner 5190.6" or 131.84 m
Course 191, top of, in SW-corner 5192.2" or 131.88 m
Course 191, top of, average 5191.4" or 131,86 m over pavement

About uncertainty in estimation of the average height of the 10 topmost and present courses:
Course 196 in NE-corner is highest: 23.9" or 60.7 cm.
Course 195 in NE-corner is lowest.: 19.8" or 50.3 cm.

How big is the area on the top?

The area of the remaining coreblocks was 122 sq.m. in 1882, when Petrie measured-
the top of course 201. When alle blocks in layer 201 were present, both coreblocks and
casingblocks, the area was about 214.6 sq.m.

Calculation, when present height is 137,38 m and sideangle 51° 52':
137.38 m / 1.2738 = 107.85 m. And twice the distance is 215.70 m. When subtracted from
the baseline, the sidelenght of the area on top is: 230.35 m - 215.70 m = 14.65 m.
Then, the area is 214.6 sq.m.

The topstone - which material?

Topstone Red Pyramid The reconstructed topstone found
by Rainar Stadelmann at Sneferu's
Red Pyramid. Photo: