August, 2008. Work in progress.

Who found what - Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

Who found what

1) Around 820. Al-Mamun, caliph of Baghdad, forced a tunnel on the northside, below the
originally entrance. Bypassed the 3 sealing blocks in the Ascending Corridor and reached the
King’s Chamber.

2) 1836-37. Casingblocks in situ on the northside and below the entrances are discovered,
when Howard Vyse removed sand dunes.

3) 1816-17. Giovanni Caviglia cleaned up the last app. 60 m of the Descending Corridor. Found
the Subterranean Chamber and discover a connection, an escape shaft, between Gallery
and Decending Corridor.

4) 1872. Openings of the ka-channels in the Queen’s Chamber, dicovered by Waynman-Dixon.

5) 1765. A tunnel leading from the top of the Gallery to the lowest relivieling chamber (Davidson's)
are dicovered by Nathanael Davidson or Meynard.

6) 1837. Howard Vyse forced a tunnel to the 4 relieving chambers above the lowest chamber
(Campbell's). Discover quarry marks and the only inscriptions, as grafitti, in the intire pyramid,
including two variations of the King's name, Khufu and Khnum-Khufu.

7) 1993. Southern Ka-channel from Queen's Chamber ends after 59 m. Rudolf Gantenbrink.

8) 1991-92. A tiny satellite pyramid is discovered by Zahi Hawass at the south-east corner of
Khufu's Pyramid, when cleaning up the pavement.

XX) Boatpits, Queens pyramids...